Beware of DNS Services Invoice Scam

DNS Services Scam Have you recently received an invoice from a company called “DNS Services” for your annual renewal of “Managed DNS Backup Business Service”? Be aware that this isn’t a bill at all. This is a solicitation from DNS Services to get you to...

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Oops, Your Browser Isn’t Supported

If you’ve ever seen this message, it means you’re using an outdated version of your web browser, or the website you’re trying to view wasn’t developed to be viewed on the browser you’re using. How can you avoid browser support issues? Using the most up to...

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The Story of Our New Brand

The original Immerge logo was created when the company was founded in 2005 in Harrisonburg, VA. The brand was designed with the current business culture and time period. It was the perfect fit for the first years of the company’s existence. In 2010, when...

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Google+ Business Pages Being Removed

My Google+ page is being removed! Should I care? If you received an email recently from Google informing you that your business’s Google+ page is being removed due to inactivity then you may be a little worried. Let me ease your mind - Google+ is only the...

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Immerge Employee of the Year – Kari-Lyn Henkel

Immerge's Employee of the Year 2017 Kari-Lyn Henkel, Senior Web Developer, received our Employee of the Year award at Immerge, the web development division of McClung Companies. The award is based on recommendations from fellow workers and recognizes...

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12 Days of Immerge: Time With My Family

On the twelfth day of Christmas, Immerge gave to me, time with my family. The biggest gift we could ask for is time to be with our loved ones and rest. Immerge is officially closed December 25th and 26th in observance of Christmas. We hope you...

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12 Days of Immerge:11 Leaping Page Speeds

On the eleventh day of Christmas, Immerge gave to me, 11 Leaping Page Speeds. How fast your page loads is often the difference between a sale or no sale. If your site isn’t loading in fractions of a second, users move onto the next applicable search results. We live...

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12 Days of Immerge: $10 for PPC Ads

On the tenth day of Christmas, Immerge gave to me, $10 for PPC Ads. If you have ever managed an AdWords campaign, you know it is important to check back often to make sure everything is running smoothly. You can experiment with different keywords and strategies to see...

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12 Days of Immerge: 9 Branded Jackets

On the ninth day of Christmas, Immerge gave to me, 9 Branded Jackets. It’s the season of giving! Why not give your employees and loyal customers something they can wear? Immerge’s parent company, McClung, has a Promotional Products Division that specializes in...

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Immerge is a division of McClung Companies. At McClung, we seek to deliver an exceptional customer experience and be recognized as the region’s premier experts for comprehensive printing, marketing, and digital services. And, as we have for many years, we commit to continue our heritage of innovation, personal service, and exceeding partner expectations at every touch-point.

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