Using Web Content to Boost Your Web Presence

What is web content? We talk about “web content” and “content marketing” a lot around here, and I think it’s important we have a good understanding of what this “content” is. Why is content so important? What makes good content? Web content is literally...

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The Importance of Auditing Your Website

Why is it necessary to audit your website? What are the goals of a website audit? Ultimately the goal of a website audit comes down to two things: Increase the efficiency of your website to rank higher in search engines and do more business. If you improve...

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What Is Digital Marketing? A Comprehensive Guide

What you'll find about Digital Marketing:   What is it? Digital Marketing Tactics How much does it cost? How long does it take to see results? Your Comprehensive Strategy The Importance of Collaboration Conclusion   Definition: A marketing strategy that...

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GDPR and the California Consumer Privacy Act

Disclaimer: We are not lawyers, and what we present here is not legal advice. It is our understanding based on studying the legislation and industry content.   Heard the acronym "GPDR" recently?   Wondered what it actually meant? Websites and...

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Before You Upload Images to Your Website

Using images and graphics to communicate information is a proven way to increase engagement with your website content. Uploading images to your website isn't difficult, but it's easy to end up with unintended results. If you upload images with the...

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Search Engine Optimization – To Infinity and Beyond

Let's start with a fact: Search engines are complex. Building websites and creating content for search engines is complicated at best, as frustrating as it may be, I promise life is better when your website and search engines are getting along. While...

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How to Develop a Content Marketing Strategy That Rocks

Why Is a Content Marketing Strategy so Important? Content marketing just means that I need to regularly publish good content related to my business right? Well, sure; but as soon as you start creating your third piece of content, you might find it a little difficult...

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