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If you can’t find you, then customers can’t find you either. On this week’s Tech Thursday, we are still diving into some practical ways to boost your search ranking so that your business is seen by searchers. Search Engine Optimization isn’t an easy task, but you can learn where to start with these tips and pointers!  

Google My Business

If you’re not familiar with Google My Business (GMB) already, it is an organization-and-customer friendly tool that allows your business information to be displayed across search results and maps. This includes your business name, hours, telephone number, address, email address, etc.  You should take time to optimize your GMB page because it helps new clients find you quickly and easily. On top of that, setting up your page and making frequent updates will help boost your search ranking, as well as letting you check your ranking. Instill keywords that customers would search for to find your company in the introduction and high quality photos to entice searchers to visit your location.

    For example, if you search “internet marketing company” while in Harrisonburg, Immerge Technologies is the #1 result.  Searchers will immediately see our address, web url, phone number, and photos. Any reviews your business has are also able to be viewed on your google page.

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Additionally, GMB pages show up on any device, so searchers can find you on a desktop, tablet, or mobile device. You can even update your own GMB page on your mobile device by downloading the app. Verifying your business will allow a pin to show up on google maps, allowing customers to easily navigate themselves to your doors. Help your business by making it easy for customers to find you.

    It is important to note that Google determines your ranking based on your listing’s relevance, distance, and prominence. Immerge is a certified Google Partner, meaning that we can verify any business listing or updates faster than any non-certified business can. This means we can help set up your page, optimize it, and approve it so your SEO is boosted in no time.



Citation Campaigns

Citations are mentions of your business, whether on another website, directory, or associations. This includes pages like Yelp, Bing, YellowBook, etc.. Similar to the GMB page, each citation will list your “NAP” or Name, Address, and Phone number. Creating a Citation Campaign that issues several different citations in a short period of time that will build site authority (credibility), and add external links that direct searchers to your site, both of which affect your search ranking. Citations show search engines that your site is related to a region and your services, so that your site can be compared against like businesses. For example, a law firm would be appear in a category with other law firms.

You can filter through sites like Yelp and Angie's List to built each citation by hand, but most require an account to setup and verify your listing. If you ever need to update your citations, you will need update each one manually. However, Immerge has tools that allow us to create each citation for you, to help you boost your SEO quickly.

Internal linking

Just like a citation campaign can help you built external links, it is also important to build internal links on your own site. This helps site visitors navigate your site, as well as boosts your SEO. If your homepage refers to content on other pages, be sure to include a link that directs visitors to that page. You can link blogs to different site pages, about pages to your service or product pages, staff directories to their respective department page, etc. Note that you can anchor your link in text via the hyperlink option, as opposed to pasting the entire link.  You can even let your images be links.

If you have followed along with our previous Tech Thursdays, you can see that SEO is not a one size fits all strategy. There are many different moving parts involved and tools you can try to boost your search ranking. Immerge has several years of Digital Marketing experience and would love to partner with your business to develop a tailored SEO campaign to generate new customers and connect with old ones. Tune in next week, as we will begin to discuss the other side of digital marketing: Search Engine Management!

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