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Websites are exciting and fun, and stuffing them with cool new features seems like a way to drum up business and get new customers. The reality is that this is not always the case, and though we may be a tech company, the solution isn’t more tech– it’s understanding your business inside and out.

At Immerge, when we start on a project, it’s important we understand the whole process, past the computer screen. We make sure you get the best system for your company, not a simple one size fits all solution. By focusing on integrating each part of your business, from marketing to finance, we can create a site that works for everyone.

Our process

For our clients that require a custom solution, we have a multi-step process designed to get the best feel of your company possible.

Phase 1 - Discovery

Phase 2 - Design, establishing the aesthetics of the solution

Phase 3 - Development, meshing the code with the visuals

Phase 4 - Testing

Phase 5 - User training

Phase 6 - Launch

Phase 7 - Post launch support & further required development

Not every client is the same, and we adjust our process accordingly. Below, we’ve broken down three of the phases where we go out of our way to address our clients specific needs.

The Discovery process

We start by trying to understand as much of your business as possible. Our team meets with yours to identify problem areas and how to improve your day to day activities. We have a variety of ways to achieve this, from online questionnaires, interviews with your management staff, and onsite research of your company and their process. By doing this, we can generate a plan for technology changes or integrations for Web Platforms and Interfaces, Point of Sale, Asset and Warehouse Management, Payment Processing, Compliance, Accounting and Fulfillment.

We always try to use a system thinking model when approaching business. Unlike the silo model of business, where each department exists in it’s own “silo” often with little communication between them. This can often create a delay in information, and can allow for human error as messages are passed between departments. By using a system thinking model, each group or department is aware of the others projects– meaning any crisis can be dealt with quickly and efficiently. Using this model, the impact of mistakes is lessened.

At the end of the Discovery process, we submit our findings in one document, where we layout our suggested tech implementations for the best user experience. From there, we move into the design stage where we create wireframes and mockups.


As we implement our product, we’re sure to keep you informed and up to date. Communication is key so you understand how far we are into the process. We continue to communicate with your business to ensure we are moving in the right direction.

We don’t just create a site for your customer, but for you too! A good site is more than what the client needs, but what will help your company function best. Whether that is an invoice tracking system or just a way to view and approve comments, we are here to make the best product for your customer.


We never want to release a sub-par project. Before the release, we test to make sure your users won’t have any problems. However, in the rare instance when a bug sneaks through, we are on hand to help your team fix any issue or problems. We will always make sure we deliver a product that helps your business.

We’re here to help. If you need a custom solution, Immerge can make something perfect for both you and your customers.

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