Content Marketing Services

Immerge’s digital marketing team provides expert content marketing strategy building and creation services tailored to align with your brand. Boost your growth with high-quality, targeted content for your web pages, blog posts, email campaigns, social media platforms, and search engines.

Is Content Marketing Right For You?

Instead of bombarding your target audience with promotions and ads, earn their attention by providing something valuable.

Content marketing is a strategy-based marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant materials to a targeted audience. It’s more than a sales piece; it builds trust, credibility, and authority for your brand and business online. Invest in your customers and increase your organic visibility online to sustainably grow your web presence.

This “content” includes, but is not limited to, webpage content, blog posts and articles, videos, podcasts, whitepapers, and e-books.

Read more about the importance of developing a documented strategy, and how to start thinking about yours.

Website Copy

Inspire your customers to take action. The content written on the pages of your website should drive people to the point of conversion. It should be clear, easy to read and speak directly to your ideal customer.

Our writers can produce content that effortlessly guides the reader through your sales funnel. We write conversion oriented copy that is designed for search engines and ultimately for maximum user readability.

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Blog post summaries and images shown in illustration.

Blog Content Creation

Well written blog articles answer people’s questions and direct them to your solutions. Blogging is a way to bring people to you when they’re searching and browsing at the top of that sales funnel. Then, when you’re producing regular, high-quality content, it’s a way to keep your target audience engaged with your brand. It’s crucial for your blog content to be relevant and valuable to your potential customers.

Our content writers create a strategy with you so your voice is heard. We outline every post, choose keywords to focus on, optimize articles for search engines, and write in a way that engages your audience.

White Papers & eBooks

Go that extra step. Give your prospects that deep, actionable information they’re searching for. These pieces of content inform readers’ buying process. When it comes to actually making a decision about which products or services they’re going to choose, this is where you can show them the numbers and charts that will give them the confidence to choose you. With the distribution of these materials, you can obtain contact information and generate high-quality leads.

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Email Marketing

Stay in touch. Email marketing is a great way to turn prospects into customers and buyers into loyal fans. With all of the noise on social media these days, email remains a way of isolated, controlled communication. In saying that, it’s important to respect the inbox. You can easily drive away people with “spammy” emails; but, when done respectfully, email remains a way of direct communication with high conversion. We craft email campaigns that people open, read, and take action on.

Video Production

Speak directly to your audience. Create videos for education, awareness, and social proof. Videos are a great way to put yourself out there and stand out against the crowd.

Get people’s attention with engaging and entertaining video content.

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Infographic & Asset Design

Reinforce your words with visual graphics. It’s important to diversify the content within your website to speak to different people. The inclusion of visual content provides another simple way that people can quickly consume your information.

Strategy Building

Every great digital marketing campaign begins with a great strategy. Content marketing yields a very large ROI, but over a longer period of time than promotional advertising. It’s crucial to have a solid strategy from the beginning.

Our digital marketing experts will work with you to design a digital marketing strategy that aligns with our business plan. We’ll look at your goals, industry trends, and past website performance to build a strategy that utilizes the appropriate communication channels for maximum ROI.

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Ready to Start Creating?

Our creative team is here to partner with you in planning, creating, and sharing great content. Sustainably grow and strengthen your web presence and increase quality organic traffic with a professionally developed content marketing strategy.

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