My Google+ page is being removed! Should I care?

If you received an email recently from Google informing you that your business’s Google+ page is being removed due to inactivity then you may be a little worried. Let me ease your mind – Google+ is only the social network side of Google’s many business tools, and if you haven’t used it much or at all then you will see no effects when it is removed.

Why do I have a Google+ Page?

In the past few years, Google has been pushing its own social network to grow and compete with Facebook. This led Google to automatically create business pages (Google+ pages) every time someone made a Google My Business profile. Most of the business profiles created this way never saw a user log in, in part because no one knew they had an account. There was no value in the social network anyway, only in the Google My Business listing. Now Google has finally realized the misstep of creating all of those pointless profiles and is removing them.

How does this affect my listings in search or maps?

It doesn’t at all. If your business showed in search and maps before then it still will. But if you go to (Google’s social media site), you won’t be able to find your business listed, so only take concern if your Google+ social profile is important to your business and you utilize that site.

What should I use instead of Google+?

The social network(s) that fits your business goals and audience. Top social networks with the most SEO value: Facebook, LinkedIn, and/or Twitter.

Need help claiming your Google Business Listing?

If you haven’t already claimed, verified, or optimized your Google Local Listing and want an expert’s help then contact us for a no-charge conversation at You can also come to us for any social media marketing questions you may have following this announcement. In the meantime, make sure your business meets the following criteria:

Do you have the following?

1) A unique address (a suite number at least registered with USPS). This does not have to be a store front location for visiting customers. Use your business headquarters if you don’t offer a physical store location.

2) A unique phone number

3) A unique website address

4) An email account with the same domain as the website