When you’re looking for a company to help with your advertising needs, you may not care much about the certifications they hold. So why care about the Google Partner Status. There’s a simple reason why: Google is the dominant force in the tech world. Their standards set the standards for the rest of the industry.

Immerge is excited to announce that we have become one of a few companies in the Shenandoah region of Virginia to become a Google Partner. There are no other companies in Harrisonburg that have achieved Partner status.

Google Partner Badge awarded to ImmergeWhat is a Google Partner?

A Google Partner is a company recognized by Google as an expert in Google AdWords. Google sets certain standards to be considered a Partner, and only those who meet them are awarded the Partner badge.

There are two types of badges: Partner and Premier, marked by color (blue and red, respectively). Only those who have met Google’s qualifications can display the badge on their site or marketing materials. Becoming certified is a long process, and takes dedication.

What does it take to become a Google Partner?

In short, a lot. You can’t simply fill out a piece of paper or pay a fee to be awarded the partner status and badge.

For Immerge to become a Google Partner, we had to start with Google Adwords certified individuals. Three of our members, James Carter, Sam Johnson and Raquel Sheriff, have become certified in Google Adwords, a process which requires passing at least two exams.

Just because your individual members are certified doesn’t mean your company as a whole is recognized by Google. After proving our people have the chops to make it in Google AdWords, we had prove our talent as a whole. Google asks for a 12 month period during which companies must hit very specific performance and quality standards, as well as manage a minimum ad spend of $10,000 during a three month cycle.

What do “performance and quality standards” entail?

Google decides performance standards based on “client revenue growth, client retention, overall revenue growth, and growth in number of advertisers” (you can read more about performance standards on Google Partner page).

Because of the way Google evaluates performance, companies must have at least 12 months of data to present and show growth and improvement. Immerge– like other Google Partners– has been working towards this badge for over a year. Becoming a Google Partner is no easy task, and we’re thrilled to have finally received Partner Status.

Why choose a Google Partner?

Do you need to be a Google Partner to use Google AdWords effectively? Of course not! Plenty of people do a fine job without needing the badge from Google.

But being a Google Partner means that Google themselves have given their stamp of approval. It means that the company in question has already proven themselves, and has a good amount of experience and expertise in Google services. You don’t have to wonder with a Google Partner if they are qualified to run an AdWords account– Google has already answered that question for you.

Immerge’s specialization

If you search for Immerge in Google’s Partner Finder, you’ll see two icons next to our company name. These represents Immerge’s specialization in search advertising and mobile advertising. To become specialized, we had to display additional expertise in these fields. You can read more about specializations on Google’s partner Help page. We’re excited to continue learning and expanding with more Google specializations.

Immerge is excited to continue growing our Google Partners page with more and successful campaigns for clients. Stay tuned for updates as we expand our specializations!