JMU Madison Network Spotlights William Roy & Immerge

Immerge’s William Roy recently recorded a webinar with the JMU Madison Network on how to make your website work more effectively in an increasingly digital driven marketplace. The recording was shared with 72,000 alumni all over the world. This is the first of a two-part series on tips and training around having a website and web presence.

William is a graduate of JMU for both an undergraduate degree in Writing, Rhetoric, and Communication with a minor in Computer Science. He also stayed at JMU for graduate school in Communications while assisting the Information Security Masters program.

Below is the webinar description and a link to the webinar. Note that you must register to watch the webinar.

Part I – Make Your Website Work For You

Whether you’ve had a website for 10 years or you’re just getting started, this workshop will give you the information you need to plan and create—or recreate—your site to accomplish business goals. We will talk about strategies to build or improve your website that can help you grow online and offline. A dynamic ever evolving website strategy is paramount in the current business realm with constant updates to search engines and new website functionality. With your business goals decided, you can build your website and web presence to more effectively drive highly qualified audiences to you. The best website strategies not only grow a business but help it run more efficiently too. William has worked in the web development and marketing industry since 2005. He has seen first hand how web strategies change and can either benefit or harm a business’ performance.

William provides prospective clients online solutions to succeed in the modern marketplace. He loves to find creative ways to combine technology and marketing for businesses ranging from the mom and pop stores to large corporations. He loves living in Harrisonburg where he can be close to JMU and keep in touch with his department and today’s students. He has two future Dukes at home and is married to a JMU graduate too.

Stay ahead of the competitive curve – check out the webinar linked below and stay tuned for the next one.