Central Virginia Electric Cooperative

Website edits were far too complicated for CVEC so they reached out to Immerge about developing a website that made editing simple. Learn how Immerge designed features to make adding and editing easier for CVEC staff.

Central Virginia Electric Cooperative had a complicated content management system (CMS) that made adding and editing content difficult at best. CVEC turned to Immerge to help them decide what features they needed to make updating the website a breeze. In addition, the new website needed a modern, responsive design – something the old website lacked. Building a strong foundation is the first step with every Immerge website. By building the new site on the ExpressionEngine CMS, CVEC staff can manage their website efficiently. The new website includes a “People Manager”, for organizing and displaying staff, multiple template options for page content, and an “Emergency Notification” manager for urgent information for customers.

Laptop showing Central Virginia Electric Cooperative's website

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Multiple Page Template Options

With different types of content that needed to be easily accessible to the customers of CVEC, it was important that each page could be customized to the type of information being shared. Immerge designed three separate page templates to display content in various ways. Now, CVEC staff can relate team members to a page to show their contact information or simply add a link to the bottom or top of the page that stands out.

Screenshot of CVEC's board members listing feature.

People Manager

CVEC was in search of a way to effectively display information about their board of directors and upper management team. Immerge developed two listing pages one for the board of directors and the other for the upper management team. Both sections are managed in one location for easy updating. The grid layout allows CVEC to show more people on one page while the optional detail page includes the biography of the board or staff member.

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