Christopher William Jewelers

Learn how Immerge designed a modern, responsive website with up to date product information to give customers an excellent user experience.

Christopher William Jewelers needed a website redesign that would be responsive, reflective of their brand, easier to navigate, integrate with their point of sale and boost their search engine ranking.

The revitalized website is clean, bright, and elegant. The homepage showcases the Christopher William Jewelers brand by enlarging the logo and incorporates a page dominant rotating panel which displays stunning photography from a variety of jewelry designers such as Hearts on Fire, Tacori, John Hardy, and Pandora.

Laptop showing Christopher William Jewelers' website

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Beautiful Product Display

Imagery and photography are key differentiators in communicating their brand story. They use high-quality images from jewelry
designers and encourage photos from recent purchasers that could then be integrated into the site. Immerge designed a product layout that compliments the imagery and reminds visitors of the brand.

Screenshots of Christopher William Jewelers' designer feature
Christopher William Jewelers' store view

Custom Integration with Point of Sale

The redesigned website seamlessly integrates with the existing POS system so it could reflect accurate item availability. This process enhances the customer experience, saves valuable employee time, and maintains an accurate status of inventory for online shoppers.

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