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A content management system (CMS) can shape the way your website displays content. Learn how Immerge migrated Harrisonburg Tourism to a CMS that would allow them to display content in a way that worked for them.

Harrisonburg Tourism had a website created by Immerge several years ago. As technology advanced and their needs began to change, the content management system (CMS) no longer fit the organization or its audience. Immerge offered Harrisonburg Tourism a migration to WordPress because it fit the new needs without increasing their overall cost. Immerge was able to migrate the existing content and create a similar design to make the transition as seamless as possible.

Each organization is different resulting in a different audience in which to cater. This is true of each CMS, as well. While some are focused on functionality, other focus on the display of content. In Harrisonburg Tourism’s case, the display of content was most important for their audience. They needed to create various different looks for various different audiences and the WordPress solution by Immerge gave them just that.

Laptop showing Harrisonburg Tourism website

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Freedom To Design Page Layouts

With simple content, it is important to utilize interesting visuals to draw the site visitors eye. Because some pages require little content and others require great detail, Harrisonburg Tourism needed to change the page layout based on the needs of each individual page. The new CMS allows Harrisonburg Tourism to create different page layouts to fit the content required for each section of the website.

Screenshots of Harrisonburg Tourism interior pages
Harrisonburg Tourism landing page view

Simplified CMS

WordPress can be simplified to allow easy management by multiple team members. The new CMS offers basic pages and blog system that is easy to manage with little training. This especially useful when there are multiple editors that may work with the system rarely. It is also beneficial when adding new members to your team as there will be little to learn due to the intuitiveness of the CMS.

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