Mather Architects

Beautiful imagery of your companies work can transform a website design from boring to intriguing. Learn how Immerge designed a website centered around showcasing Mather Architects portfolio of work.

Mather Architects needed a website to showcase their incredible portfolio. This portfolio offered a great opportunity for them to showcase not only the beautiful imagery of their work but the details and story behind it. Immerge created an excellent user experience that gives site visitors multiple opportunities to view the portfolio as well as testimonials from satisfied clients.

Laptop showing Mather Architects website

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Detailed Portfolio

While the imagery was an important piece of the portfolio, it was also crucial that users could learn more details about each of the jobs. The portfolio listing includes an interactive map at the bottom of the page to see all the locations of the portfolio pieces which links to the corresponding portfolio detail page. On each of the portfolio detail pages, there is a story about the project as well as a sidebar of quick facts.

screenshots of the portfolio section of the Mather Architects website
portfolio feature on homepage of Mather Architects website

Homepage Portfolio Feature

Because the goal of this website was to showcase the work of Mather Architects, Immerge looked for different ways to draw visitors to the portfolio. By including a section on the homepage with a sample of portfolio pieces, site visitors can get a preview of the portfolio when entering the website. Due to search engine success, we know not every visitor will enter your website from the homepage. This is why Immerge designed several other locations for visitors to see a preview of the portfolio throughout the site.

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