Rocktown Beer & Music Festival

Learn how Immerge designed a comprehensive ad and email campaign across several platforms to gain more ticket sales.

The Rocktown Beer & Music Festival is an annual spring festival hosted in partnership with Harrisonburg Downtown Renaissance. The 1-day event promotes fun, family, craft beer and music. Every year they strive to bring in even more people than the previous event.

The world of online advertising can be difficult to traverse but can deliver some of the best returns. With all of their other channels and arrangements to make the Rocktown Festival wanted a partner to get the word out online to the audience that would be most profitable. Rocktown partnered with Immerge to build their integrated digital marketing campaign that was hyper-targeted to their ideal audience and delivered a consistent message across a multitude of platforms. These platforms include email, Instagram, and Facebook to complement print and broadcast advertising. This partnership has consistently grown the Beer and Music Festival each year, and we are excited to spread the word for future festivals.

Key objectives for the digital campaign included:

Identify, profile, and reach potential event attendees through various digital channels.
Drive ticket sales, attendance, and revenue to be equal to or better than previous years.
Capture attendee data for use in subsequent campaigns.


Trongone Band email screenshot

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Engaging Ad Layouts

Imagery and photography are key to an immersive experience. Immerge uses the best ad templates with expert image design to speak to audiences on every platform and device they use. Ad formats include image ads, carousel, sidebar display, and even the new canvas ads.

Screenshot of Facebook Carousel Ad for Rocktown Beer and Music Festival
Ticket analytics graph from Immerge's digital marketing campaign.

Results that Speak

Immerge is able to integrate tracking across platform in order to accurately pinpoint success. And each festival more tickets are sold due improved audience targeting.

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