Turkey Knob Growers

Learn how Immerge transformed a need for modern efficiency for online orders into a full brand solution that resulted in a better overall user experience.

Turkey Knob Growers came to our team with a need for an online store that integrated with their advanced packing facilities. The lack of functionality and poor user experience on their old website was costing them in additional labor and prospective customers. Immerge consulted with Turkey Knob’s team to understand their current website and workflow.

Our team identified areas of need within the customer cycle, order process, and overall brand. The new website features a new logo that is more descriptive of the organization, modern responsive design that highlights the beauty of the Turkey Knob orchards, and a fully integrated e-commerce solution.

Laptop showing Turkey Knob Growers' website

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Fully Integrated E-Commerce Solution

Turkey Knob’s website is now a fully integrated order fulfillment system, making the web store the single point of contact for customers and staff alike. The improved ordering process offers the consumer increased choices in a simplified ordering environment.

Screenshots of Turkey Knob Growers online store
Screenshot of Turkey Knob Growers fruit listing feature

Imagery Focused Web Design

Immerge’s design team updated Turkey Knob’s branding in order to launch a new, improved user platform and experience. The new brand focuses on the unique beauty of the orchard. The improved design features a large banner image with high-quality images to capture this wonderful location on each page.

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