Custom Solutions

Our experienced coders can create custom web-based and mobile applications that can be used by your clients or staff to improve their interactions with your business. We have developed solutions from small-scale tools, such as online calculators to complex organizational management tools used to manage nearly aspect of a business.

A custom solution project will be broken out into several stages:

  • Phase 1 – Discovery
  • Phase 2 – Design, establishing the aesthetics of the solution
  • Phase 3 – Development, meshing the code with the visuals
  • Phase 4 – Testing
  • Phase 5 – User training
  • Phase 6 – Launch
  • Phase 7 – Post launch support & further required development

What is Discovery?

Our process begins with what we call discovery. This is the process of investigating your needs and the right technology and business process combination to meet your need. During this initial phase, Immerge Technologies collaborates closely with the client to discover how their organization functions and what their needs are from an online presence. From this phase, we will be able to select the most appropriate system to enable you to meet your existing and future needs resulting in a streamlined development process.

At the conclusion of this Discovery phase, you will receive a requirements document that will detail how the customer and staff sides will operate and what the user experience will be. We will detail what systems will be used to fulfil the client need.

The design phase for custom development is similar to our normal web design process, but with the addition of supplemental mockups and or wireframes to ensure we have documented functionality and user interface visuals.

Once functionality and visuals have been established, we build the solution. We do extensive training and bring the client back in for their beta testing and training.

Finally, we launch and move into ongoing as-needed support.

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