Selling online is never straight forward. When a business starts a conversation with Immerge, it is usually because they have identified a need within their organization to improve their existing processes.

The Discovery Process

Our experienced team then partners with the organization to analyse their existing processes, and identify where improvements can be made to make day to day interactions with technology an enjoyable experience, rather than a chore.

Through onsite visits, questionnaires, research, and inperson interviews of key players, we build a thorough understanding of the business, its people and their processes. This enables us to generate a plan for technology changes or integrations for Web Platforms and Interfaces, Point of Sale, Asset and Warehouse Management, Payment Processing, Compliance, Accounting and Fulfillment.

We keep an open mind as to what the right solution is for the client, and make a recommendation based on your needs, versus pushing one product on you.  A roadmap is then presented to the client detailing the solutions and how they will impact the organization and its constituents.


At Immerge we know that identifying the right solution for your business is of paramount importance. Trying to fit the client into a solution that partially meets their needs or requires workarounds for them to function is just bad business.

Immerge’s team work closely with their clients through every step of the Implementation process. By keeping them informed and up to date, issues are promptly identified and resolved before the project reaches the point of no return. We ensure that the technology we implement makes your organization as efficient as possible, and makes a positive impact on the worklives of the staff. When we complete implementation, you will have the best solution for your organization.


Prior to launch, our development team will assist the client in testing and assessing their system(s) to ensure that all bugs are identified and fixed, however if one does sneak through the process, our dedicated USA-based team, will be on hand to help troubleshoot any issues the client may experience.

Immerge is a division of McClung Companies. At McClung, we seek to deliver an exceptional customer experience and be recognized as the region’s premier experts for comprehensive printing, marketing, and digital services. And, as we have for many years, we commit to continue our heritage of innovation, personal service, and exceeding partner expectations at every touch-point.

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