Digital Marketing Strategy Development

Our team can work with you to develop and strengthen your digital marketing strategy to maximize the return for your efforts. Our creative team is based in Harrisonburg, Virginia. Immerge has serviced clients for the past 10 years throughout the Shenandoah Valley, DC Metro area, around Virginia, and around the country.

By failing to prepare, you’re preparing to fail. – Benjamin Franklin

The digital age has changed the way we communicate, and mobile devices are changing the way we do business. If your business is online, and you’re just waiting for it to magically grow overnight, you might be failing to plan.

You need to work to define your audience and goals before you can even start thinking about what tactics you’re going to use. Business goals and marketing strategy are systematically linked on a foundational level, and until you realize that, you’re not going to reach your marketing goals.

When you partner with us, we’ll work with you to define your goals, creatively tell your brand story, and track results.

The Rundown

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Breaking the Ice

It all starts with getting to know each other. Our team will meet with you to identify your business goals, set processes in place to achieve them, and define deliverables.

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Research and Analysis

From there, we’ll do some research. We’ll take a look at how your website is currently performing, what’s working really well, and what could use attention. Does your website need a redesign?

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Define Your Brand

Next, we’ll collaborate to define your brand identity. Based on your audience, goals, and our research, we’ll establish a well-crafted message to communicate to your audience.

Get Creative

It’s time to get creative. What are the different, personalized ways that we can convey that message to your audience? If you’re message isn’t personalized, you may be generically marketing to a targeted group of people.

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Finally, we’ll look at distribution. Where does your target audience consume their information? What communication channels are appropriate for your brand message?

Are We the Partner for You?

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Our team isn’t going to come in and tell you what you need to do. We listen to your needs, analyze your current processes, and then make recommendations based on our experience in working with other clients.

This is a process that requires your input, and if you’re really serious about strengthening your web presence, this is how you do it. There’s no magical overnight success; it’s very methodical, and it requires time and in-depth conversations.

Immerge is a division of McClung Companies. At McClung, we seek to deliver an exceptional customer experience and be recognized as the region’s premier experts for comprehensive printing, marketing, and digital services. And, as we have for many years, we commit to continue our heritage of innovation, personal service, and exceeding partner expectations at every touch-point.

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