After being in business for more than 10 years, Immerge is always looking for new ways to remain innovative and relevant in the world of Web Design and Development. One way to do just that is to invest in fresh talent. Our internship program seeks talented individuals still pursuing their education and helps them grow their skill set. Danny Sims, a current student at Blue Ridge Community College that will soon earn his associate degree in Information Systems Technology, has been an intern at Immerge for the past year. After receiving his degree he hopes to continue his education at Radford University and attend their Web Development program. On top of his existing skills, Danny has been able to learn new tricks of the trade, and has become an integral part of our team.

When asked about his experience, Danny is incredibly grateful. He says “Interning at Immerge Technologies is a tremendous opportunity. I feel very privileged to work with highly passionate people and have acquired a substantial education. My supervisor, Kari-Lyn Henkel, has taught me how to create sites with ExpressionEngine; software that can make updating website content for the client extremely easy. I came in not knowing anything about the ExpressionEngine software. I didn’t even know how to update content for the site; which is the most basic function of ExpressionEngine. Immerge slowly introduced me to the basic tools for updating content for a site. Over a few months, I gained confidence to truly unleash the full potential of ExpressionEngine.”

Knowledge of ExpressionEngine, a software Immerge uses quite often to build sites for our clients, is now an essential skill to have in our office. “In order to properly challenge me, Immerge instructed me to build a site using ExpressionEngine functionality. This can be extremely difficult because you have to replace the Hyper Text Markup Language (HTML) with ExpressionEngine tags. These tags are used to take out the text, images, and videos that is hard coded into a site and replace them with content from the client when they input their own text, images and video into ExpressionEngine. This assignment has tested me extensively and I appreciate that Immerge has given me plenty of time to study how ExpressionEngine operates.” Dannys says. He is still working on his ExpressionEngine assignment now but has already presented his fantastic site to the entire Immerge team.

Danny is not only thankful for his supervisor, Kari-Lyn, but the rest of the Immerge team as well. He went on to say that “ExpressionEngine requires extensive knowledge to implement and Kari-Lyn has been very patient with me. She gives clear, comprehensive tutorials. I couldn’t have asked for a better educator or supervisor. The truly amazing fact about Immerge Technologies is that these characteristics carry over to the whole staff. If I have any questions about web development, the staff are happy to answer my questions. It’s incredible to intern in an environment that doesn’t put you down for not knowing a particular skill. Instead, the staff will sit down with you and instill confidence in you while you problem solve. I also admire Immerge greatly because the staff tries to find hidden potential in all of us interns and allows us to grow these potential skills.”

However, Danny isn’t the only one learning at the office. Kari-Lyn says that “Danny’s passion is refreshing to see in a young developer and it inspires our whole team to live up to that aspiration of what a developer is. He is our ideal worker because he wants to be shaped and molded into a great developer. Danny is very detailed and meticulous, so when you find something he can improve on, it is always constructive. He takes such pride in his work. He is also very funny, so his personality adds a fun, light-heartedness to our team. ”

“I can’t imagine interning anywhere besides Immerge Technologies. I look forward to coming into work every morning, knowing that I’m acquiring the best experience and education.” says Danny. Immerge is grateful for the contribution Danny has made to our team and his energy for what we do pushes us each to reach our full potential. With a changing industry, there is always more to learn and improve on. Danny’s presence in the office and the internship program in general are proof of that. Immerge is committed to remaining relevant and serving our clients with every innovation available.

Update 12/8/2017: Immerge is thrilled to welcome Danny as a full time employee from December 2017.