Reported Statuses

There are currently no reported outages. See below instructions on how to report either a mission critical or general support request.

Outage History

12/28/17 2:30pm.
We are experiencing intermittent database connection issues with some of our hosted WordPress sites. Our server will be resized at 4am, 12/29/17, to mitigate the risk of this recurring.
12/29/17 11am – Resolved
Following resizing of the server, outage reports have ceased.

Holiday Hours

Our offices will close at 5pm on December 22nd and will reopen at 9am on January 2nd. During this time our on-call developers will review and respond to mission critical tickets. We kindly ask that you please be respectful of our developers time and only submit these types of tickets in a true emergency. General support requests will be responded to when we reopen the office in the new year.

Mission Critical Events

What is a mission critical event?

  • You have an eCommerce website and the site is down or transactions are not completing.
  • You have an active marketing campaign driving traffic to the website, and the site is down.
  • Your website is down for a sustained period of time.

If your website is experiencing a mission critical event, please send a request to to open a support ticket. Our developers will be available between 8 a.m. and noon 12/26 – 12/29.

General Support Events

What is a general support event?

Items not listed above and non-urgent general queries on the services Immerge provides your organization. Submit your query to