The original Immerge logo was created when the company was founded in 2005 in Harrisonburg, VA. The brand was designed with the current business culture and time period. It was the perfect fit for the first years of the company’s existence. In 2010, when Immerge was acquired by McClung Companies, the original intent was to keep the two entities separate as they offered vastly different services at the time.

McClung’s brand is well known in the region having been around nearly 70 years at the time; therefore, the logo required a sophisticated and mature brand identity. The signature MC logo was vastly different from the trendy Immerge brand. McClung intended to keep the existing logo as well as the founding location due to the existing brand recognition Immerge had already developed. The company became a division of McClung Companies and the Immerge brand would stay the same for over half a decade.

During that time, McClung worked to make Immerge a cohesive division of the company despite the physical distance and difference of services. More clients began to utilize Immerge’s web design and development services as well as McClung’s printing service but new clients didn’t always understand the relationship between the two. Immerge has also grown in this time to offer more services and changed the business culture. With all this growth, it had become clear it was time to redesign the old Immerge logo to become more inline with McClung as well as its new culture.

As with any creative process, the first place to start is the brainstorm. It was obvious that the colors of the new Immerge logo would need to match the signature purple MC logo of McClung, but the hardest part would be communicating who Immerge is and why we do what we do.

As Immerge has evolved, dedication to a partnership with our clients has become our primary focus. Over the years we have developed relationships with our clients that exceed a one-time website. Whether we have helped a client emerge into the online world with a brand new website, improved search engine ranking, or reviewed online marketing plans to help clients branch out to new customers; it is our goal to be there for our clients every step of the way to help each organization grow. Our process is centered around that growth which means we are working with each client to identify a solution not dictating a robotic response that is the same for every client. We know every organization is different and therefore needs a partner that can adjust to those specific needs.

We wanted our logo to showcase this focus on growth. This is why decided to include life in our logo through what we refer to at Immerge as “The Sprout.” This idea became the center of our design to symbolize that it is the central focus of our process and service offerings.

The current culture of Immerge is vastly different from when the company was founded. The company has over 10 years of experience and offers a wide variety of services to create, improve, and grow an organization’s online presence. The new logo would need to showcase this new maturity with a design that would stay relevant for years to come. The adoption of the McClung font was key to adding this sophistication.

Part of this process also involved removing the word “Technologies” from our name. The word, while appropriate at Immerge’s founding, had become a stumbling block as people misinterpreted our offerings and often called on us for computer hardware repair.

The end result embraces Immerge’s new culture as well as our parent company’s existing brand. The font is the same as the McClung logo and the use of lowercase letters embraces the youth of the Immerge division and distinguishes the McClung brand as the parent. To further explain the relationship to McClung, a tagline was added, “A division of McClung Companies” directly below the company name.

The biggest change by far is the icon to the left of the company name.  The three purple shapes working together to form a circle around a lime green sprout emerging into view symbolize our evolving process focusing on client growth. Our new logo visually showcases our goal to create a partnership with our clients.