What is web content?

We talk about “web content” and “content marketing” a lot around here, and I think it’s important we have a good understanding of what this “content” is. Why is content so important? What makes good content?

Web content is literally any form of sharing information online. Text is content, video is content, audio is content, images are content, etc. If it communicates information and can exist on your website, it is content. Let’s break it down into two categories: text and media. Text, or “copy”, is the wording you use and media is the visual component.

We’re talking about YouTube videos, the text in Facebook posts, the text in Google search ads, the images displayed on your website, and much, much more.

So if this is all content, how should you utilize it on your website? Why put effort into creating variety in your content? At the end of the day, your content use depends on your brand and business goals. Content doesn’t need to be fancy, it needs to effectively communicate a message; the story you want to tell potential customers. It tells people why they should want your products or services.

The effectiveness of your content is not measured by the quality of the writing, video production, or photography displayed on your pages. It’s measured on the receiving end. Is your message being understood and accepted by your intended audience?

Why is content important?

Content feeds people. It’s all well and good to have a beautiful website, but if there’s nothing of value in its pages, it’s not going to achieve the results you want.

Content is where you can offer something unique and different. It’s your opportunity to share your story and your unique perspectives. Most every business has a website these days, the content within is where you can shine.

When a website is designed, content is often overlooked as being something that “just needs to be done.” But, in actuality, it should be your priority to have great content on your website. Without it, your going to have a restaurant with no food; a furnace with no fuel; a vacant house.

If your website doesn’t provide the content people are searching for, it doesn’t matter what it looks like; they’re going to go look for a site that does have that content.

What makes good content?

All businesses have an audience they’re trying to reach, but it’s often hard to reach that entire audience at once. How can you cater to the needs of everyone in your target audience in one piece of content? You can’t. You simply can’t please everyone all the time.

Create content for 10% of your audience. Are you a business with 10 main clients? Or maybe 10 main types of clients or customers? Create something that is specifically for 1 of those 10 and it will be more valuable than anything created to attempt to reach all 10.

Try to create for all 10 and you might not provide value or drive engagement to or from any of them. Create something specifically for one of them, and you’re guaranteed to provide something of value for that person and others who share their needs.

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Are you utilizing content to drive the success of your web presence?

In a way, a website is like a book. The cover is the design, the spine is the functionality, and the index is the navigation. Just because a book looks and feels great, doesn’t guarantee there’s a compelling story within its pages. It’s extremely important to make sure that your website is more than a flashy book cover; tell a story.

Compel your email subscriber to go to your website. Inspire people to take action on your website with content. It’s going to make or break the success of your digital marketing efforts.

Most website designers and developers are capable of creating a beautiful website. Don’t let your website become a pretty book cover without a story behind it.