What is SEO?

As buzzwords go, SEO, or “search engine optimization” is a popular one to toss around in the computer tech world. But SEO is not just a trend, and there’s a good reason for the love of SEO-related talk: it can have an enormous impact on your web users, and thus your business.

Search engine optimization is the process of increasing the visibility of a web page in search engine results, like Google, Yahoo and Bing. Getting a higher search engine ranking translates to more clicks on your page, and through that, more paying customers.

Companies that specialize in SEO– like Immerge Technologies– will focus on various aspects of your site that can improve your search engine ranking. These can include on-page and off-page elements, meta-tags, titles, page copy, image information, incoming links and keywords, though each project is tailored to the specific site. Our goal at Immerge is not to simply generate clicks, but clicks that matter. We don’t want to get just anyone to your site, but users who might actually turn into paying customers or clients.

Does SEO actually matter?

Did you know that 90% of users only look at the first page of Google results? Think of your own experience. When Googling, you may not even look past the fifth or sixth entry. Search engine results are an important way of gaining new customers, as most people have what the Nielsen Norman Group calls “search dominance”. In other words, they rely heavily on search results when looking for a new business.

SEO even matters once you get someone to your site. Users often know what they want once they reach a site, and turn to in-site navigation to find their desired topic. If they struggle to find relevant search results within your site, they may return to Google to find someone whose site is easier to use.

There are other ways to get users to my site

Of course there are! Social media, for example, can be a great way to lead users to a new site. However, users on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram tend to like more lighthearted ads. Advertising on social media works best for companies focusing on topics like entertainment and shopping.

Places with heavier topics, like legal, financial and medical services, or companies with a B2B model, benefit most from good SEO, as search is the main way people will look for those services.

So SEO is just to gain new users?

Short answer: yes. But also, no.

To generate any significant clicks from search engines, your site needs to be listed in the top five Google results. If you are ranked anywhere below that, the amount of eyes on your search result goes exponentially down. In the short term, improving your SEO can have a dramatic impact on getting new customers.

Long term, having good SEO will continue to bring people back to your site. Few people bookmark or even save links to sites they visit, but simply trust they will be able to find them again once they return to Google. Ensuring that users can find your site continuously means gaining long term customers.

How do I know if my site needs help?

If you Google keywords related to your business or website, where is your site in the search results? In the top five, where most users look? In the first page of results, where 90% of people remain? On the second page, where a mere 10% of users wander? Of even on the third, fourth, fifth page of results, lost to the internet, only found by the most dedicated of searchers?

No matter what, we’d love to help. Immerge Technologies offers clients the opportunity to have a free, no-pressure phone consultation with one of our SEO experts. This is a no-risk review  that will help all of us know what it will take to move your site where it belongs – on the front page of Google!